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The history of the Claddagh Ring

, by Irish House

Gold Claddagh Ring

In existence since the the 17th century, the Claddagh Ring,is regarded as the traditional Irish wedding ring. 

Many romantic tales surround the history of the Claddagh, and it is customary, to give or receive this emblem as a token of love and affection.

The design shows two hands holding a heart crowned-theme suggesting "Let's Love and Friendship Reign". 

A classic piece of Celtic Jewelry, it comprises of three symbols:

- The heart for love 
- The hands for friendship
- The crown for loyalty

This traditional Irish ring is worn with the heart facing towards you to symbolize that your heart is 'taken' or facing outward to suggest your heart is still available. 

To this day the Claddagh is used as a wedding ring.
Because of its historical origins and romantic appeal popularity of this ring has increased enormously in recent times.
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